In addition to my academic publications, I am growing to love disseminating the work I am involved in to a broader audience through popular media, namely television, podcasts, and magazines.

TV appearances

Pompeii: Secrets of the Dead

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Channel 5 (UK)  Documentary. Broadcast date 28th October 2021

Role: Historical consultant for the series and featured as an expert interviewed about the latest discoveries made in Pompeii.

Presenter: Bettany Hughes

Director: Paul Bradshaw

Watch here: Pompeii Secrets of the Dead

Doomsday Volcano: The Next Pompeii


Channel 5 (UK) / Discovery Channel (USA) Documentary. Broadcast date 23rd Nov 2021 / 24th June 2021

Role: Expert interviewed about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD79 and Pliny the Younger’s eyewitness account.

Director: Jobim Sampson

Mysteries at the Museum – Pompeii Special.


Travel Channel Documentary. Broadcast date 13th February 2019.

Role: Expert interviewed about the lives of slaves and those of the rich members of society in Pompeii.

Presenter: Don Wildman

Director: Remy Weber

MATM 1    MATM 2


unearthed-2016 2

Discovery Science Documentary. Broadcast on 16th November 2018. An episode of the ‘Unearthed‘ series.

Role: Expert interviewed about evidence for pre-Roman Pompeii. Also conducted interviews with the Director General of Pompeii and a pottery expert.

Director: Tomasz Cebula.

unearthed 2    Unearthed 1

Pompeii with Michael Buerk.


ITV Documentary. Broadcast in the UK on 27th December 2016. This programme is also currently showing under the name ‘Raising Pompeii‘ in 27 countries.

Role: Expert interviewed about life in a bar in Pompeii drawing on our recent archaeological excavations.

Presenter: Michael Buerk

Director: Michael Wadding.


Pompeii’s People.


CBC Documentary. Broadcast in Canada on 6th October 2016. An episode featured in the series ‘The Nature of Things’.

Role: Expert interviewed about life in a bar in Pompeii drawing on our recent archaeological excavation and my PhD.

Presenter: David Suzuki

Directors: Caroline Bacle (CAN) and Michael Wadding (UK).

Watch a clip:

— CBC Docs (@cbcdocs) October 4, 2016

Read an article:

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BBC Radio 4 Natalie Haynes Stands Up For The Classics

‘Pompeii’. Season 8 Episode 1. Hosted by Natalie Haynes.

BBC History Extra

‘Pompeii: Everything you wanted to know’. Hosted by Robert Attar

The Rest is History

Episode 16: ‘Pompeii’. Hosted by Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook

Richard Herring Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (RHLSTP)

Episode 312. ‘ Dr Sophie Hay’. Hosted by Richard Herring

History Hack

Episode 49. ‘Pompeii’. Hosted by Alexandra Churchill and Alina

Magazine articles

Art and Object Magazine May 2021

‘The Undiscovered Areas of Pompeii’

Read the article here


Ancient History Magazine no. 30. Nov/Dec 2020

‘Roman Women at Work’

Traditionally thought of of as either promiscuous or domestic goddesses, the role and diverse contribution of Roman women in the workplace is explored in this article.

Copies can be ordered here: AHM Vol 30

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Ancient History Magazine no. 29. Sept/Oct 2020

‘Decoding status in Pompeii’

An interview I gave on the theme of the Roman house in Pompeii.

Copies can be ordered here: AHM Vol 29

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Ancient History Magazine no. 24.  Nov/Dec 2019

Women Excavating Pompeii: Wilhelmina Jashemski

An article revealing the work of the forgotten work by women in the history of excavations in Pompeii. Wilhelmina Jashemski, an American scholar spent half her life’s work studying the nature of gardens in Pompeii.

Copies can be ordered here:  AHM Vol 24 

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Ancient History Magazine no. 23. Sept/Oct 2019

‘Women Excavating Pompeii: Queen Caroline Bonaparte’

An article revealing the work of the forgotten work by women in the history of excavations in Pompeii. Queen Caroline, sister of Napoleon worked on site between 1808 and 1815.

Copies can be ordered here: AHM Vol 23

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Ancient History Magazine no. 13. Dec/Jan 2018

‘A Small Neighbourhood in Pompeii’

An article that describes the work of the British School at Rome/Reading University Pompeii Project using all strands of archaeological and archival evidence to look at the non-descript and undecorated properties in a neighbourhood in Pompeii in order to identify the nature of commercial activities.

Copies can be ordered here: AHM Vol 13


Forma Urbis no. 11. Nov 2012

‘Citta e Territori’ (Cities and Territories)

An article published in the popular Italian archaeology magazine, Forma Urbis, that I wrote as a synthesis of some of the geophysical survey projects I have been involved with over the years.

Original formatted Italian version Citta e Territori

English version Forma Urbis geophysics En

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