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Day of Archaeology. Buried in Pumice literarily


My entry for Day of Archaeology has been posted on their website.

Day of Archaeology is an event intended to highlight the real work of archaeologists on a summer’s day every year. Archaeologists from all around the world share their day in the office whether that office be literal or an open field.

It so happens that neither am I careering around a hot field doing my day job of geophysics, nor am I penned in my office scratching my head over accounts. I am in Rome, at home, at my desk surrounded by a pile of books and carefully weighted down papers as my fan is rotating so fast it sounds as if I am aboard a World War Two Spitfire. I am doing my PhD.

You may now pick yourself up off the floor, dust yourself down and pop your jaw back into the closed position. I know, I know. I haven’t touched my PhD since 2009 and getting back into it is no mean feat but it’s great and I am so incredibly proud and honoured to be able to be doing research on such an amazing site as Pompeii.

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